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Welcome to txConnect for TXEIS ISD



District Message

Welcome to Parent Portal!

If you can see this message you have successfully logged into the Parent Portal for            ISD.

If you are a new parent to           ISD::please click the New to txConnect selection, located on the left side of this screen, to create your account. 

Step 1: You will be asked to set up a User Name and password and an email for your account.   Click "Next"

Step 2: choose a hint question to answer.  Click "Next".  You will need a verification code that will be sent to the email you provided. Type that into the space provided and click verify code.

Step 3 you must add a student to create the user account.  Your student should have provided you with a letter from the school detailing their individual Portal ID number.  Enter this number and the student's birth date.  You may add as many students to your portal account as needed.  You may add students from multiple campuses to your account. If you have three (3) unsuccessful attempts logging on, the system will lock out your account for 10 minutes.  After that time frame, you may try again.

If you already have an account with Parent Portal: you may use your same user name and password and do not need to click New User.

If you have forgotton your password:  please click the Forgot your Password link.  When prompted, enter the accounts User Name and click Next.  You must answer your hint questions correctly (the answer is not case specific).  The Set New Password window will display.  Enter a new password and confirm the password.  Click Finished.

If you have any further questions, please call your respective campus.